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Dear ECG Friends,

I have a pleasure to invite you to active participation in the "ECG maraton". Traditionally our Conference starts in the Wednesday evening with this session - „ECG marathon” (from 19:30 till midnight without any break).

We present there clinical cases with interesting electrocardiograms (rest, holter, exercise, event etc) or electrograms. As always there is a leading subject - this year - it is „ECG en el tiempo de cholera” - in translation „ECG in pandemic time”. Of corse it does not mean that only Covid cases should be presented. We expect short presentations up to 5min.

Presentations may be in english or polish (text slides should be in polish - we will help with translation). If you want to send the proposal you need to prepare one ECG and short case presentation (one page, .pdf). Send it to address ekg@ikard.pl, deadline is 31th January 2021.

See you soon!

Rafał Baranowski









Place of meeting

Welcome to Mercure Kasprowy Hotel in Zakopane

Mercure Kasprowy Hotel in Zakopane - Conference Rooms

A well-equipped conference center - located in the heart of the mountains, Mercure Kasprowy Hotel is well-known for the highest quality of services offered. It contains 13 spacious, professionally prepared and equipped conference rooms in the hotel, which together will accommodate up to 1150 people. The hotel has an external parking and garage, with a total of 230 parking places.